Every teacher knows the power of example. He not only show the client what to do and how to do it, but he show him or her how it really can be done. MASSIMO¬†is considered the guru of¬†fitness¬†and¬†training¬†he has ¬†been involved with¬†bodybuilding¬†and¬†physical¬†fitness¬†for over 30 years in the West Los Angeles ¬†area, ¬†not only been a¬†competitive¬†athlete¬†since a¬†young¬†age¬†: MR.¬†NORTHERN¬†ITALY‚Äď MR. SOUTHEAST ENGLAND, but¬†Massimo¬†has ¬†also trained hundreds of clients as well as¬†actors,¬†athletes¬†and¬†non¬†athletes¬†who just want the edge.¬†Private or partner training with Massimo¬†¬†will give you the know how and the result you have been looking for. The¬†progress¬†you have waited for so long will finally became a reality. The more out of shape you are the greatest the challenge you are facing, the more you should only seek out the greatest¬†experience¬†available in the¬†field. When you get the best¬†experience¬†available¬†you will reach your goal faster with less risk of injuries, therefore will actually be cheaper in the end. He specialize in weight management weight loss and weight (muscles) gain. Increase your work capacity and conditioning. Build your strength and your confidence. Work on correct form. Adding muscle mass and strength, leaning out while maintaining strength. Sample meals for both fat loss and muscle gain goals. Lifestyle guidelines to improve muscle recovery and stimulate gains. Mobility, stability deficits, overall reassessment. Improve flexibly and mobility of major compound joints to improve performance. “Core”, engagement for maximal stability and muscle isolation. Free phone consultation.

In order to identify potential risk factors, an assessment will be performed consisting of testing for: a) Soft-Tissue imbalances, Postural Distortion, Flexibility, Cardio-Respiratory Inefficiency, Strength Resistance Training. Some Nutritional Advice may also be given. The information gathered from the fitness assessment will help to establish effective exercise programs based on the individual needs and goals.
My two cents advice, be cautious when finding a personal trainer …
1) Most of them, do not have the experience
2) The great majority of them do not have long terms results on themselves,
3) It is assumed that a 6-week certificate will qualify to train anybody; truth be told, it will not
4) As a result, most likely, any soft tissue imbalances will be worst than when you started.
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Massimo, he is an¬†renown¬† at¬†identifying¬†pattern that may limit your progress and final results viz. Body Imbalances, One Side Imbalances. His¬†training¬† technique ¬†is innovative ¬†and never the same ¬†tailored to each unique client. This synergy of¬†scientific-based knowledge¬†and¬†lifelong personal experience¬†that integrate Nutrition, Cardiovascular,¬†Stretching¬† and Weight training are the true benefit of his clients. His daily work ethic is a product of his respect, consideration and responsibility for his clients. Collectively, you will benefit every session, every meal, every day. Whether it‚Äôs¬†aesthetic improvement‚Ķor an¬†athletic performance¬†concern, he is completely qualified and ¬†his unequaled¬†¬†experienced means¬†that you will get better¬†results and the¬†¬†help you deserve. As he put it: ‚ÄúI am passionate and love what I do: ¬†changing people lives for the better.‚ÄĚ

HIS GOALS:¬†To meet your personal health and fitness objectives…

  • To train, educate, and inspire you to continue your journey to a fitter, healthier lifestlye-all on your own!
  • To teach you healthy food choices, portion control, and timing of meals
  • Teach you how to listen to your body
  • Resolve Body Imbalances, One side Imbalances from Gravity, Aging and Injuries
  • Increase Flexibility, Strength, & Endurance
  • Increase Metabolic Capabilities
  • Learn how stress and emotion affect your body, signs to look for, and tools alleviate and modify
  • Discover why diets consistently fail
  • Uncover the eating patterns that drive you to eat when you‚Äôre not hungry
  • Eliminate food addictions and emotional connection with food
  • Learn skills to reach your bodies optimal functioning and natural ways to boost your metabolism
  • ¬†Empower yourself to experience greater success in all areas of your life
  • Improve the quality, and quantity of your life, and give this gift to others

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Specialties: Body Aligments, Side Imbalances,¬†Back Pain Prevention,¬†Lower Back Pain,¬†Core Training, Core Stability,¬†Corporate Wellness,¬†Diet and Nutrition,¬†Executive Fitness,¬†Family Fitness,¬†Fat Loss, Fitness Assessment,¬†Fitness Education,¬†Injury Prevention, Athletic Training,¬†Kids’ Fitness,¬†Massage Therapy,¬†Men’s Fitness,¬†Nutrition¬†,¬†Plymetrics,¬†Postnatal Fitness, Postrehab, Injury Recovery,¬†Prenatal Fitness,¬†Senior Fitness,¬†Speed and Agility Training,¬†Sports Conditioning, Sports Nutrition,¬†Strength Training,¬†Stress Management, Toning and General ¬†Physical Fitness,¬†Weight Loss, Obesity,¬†Bodybuilding, Weight gain,¬†Circuit Training, Aerobics,¬†Yoga.
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